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Incognito Braces –

Before & Afters

Here are a selection of some of our Incognito braces before and afters at Dental Centre Bournemouth.


Fixed Braces

Incognito Braces

Dental Implants

Video Reveals

Before and After with Fixed Braces in Bournemouth

Discreet Treatment with Incognito

Severe crowding and deep bite corrected using Incognito Lingual Hidden braces

Before and After of Orthodontist in Bournemouth Patient

Crowding Treated with Incognito

Severe crowding treated with Incognito Orthodontics in just 10 months.  What a difference a wide, bright white smile can make.

Orthodontic treatment Bournemouth

Wider Smiles with Incognito

A wider smile created using Incognito braces, followed by 4 anterior veneers.  

Sometimes the only way to treat a case is to use cosmetic dentistry in conjunction with Orthodontics.

Damon braces in Bournemouth

Deep Bite Correction With Incognito

Deep bite correction using Incognito lingual braces.  This patient had missing lateral incisors and we used cosmetic bonding to build up the Canines to make them look like Lateral incisors.

Childrens Orthodontic Treatment with Fixed Braces in Bournemouth

Incognito Brace in Bournemouth

A wider smile produced by Incognito Lingual braces – treatment time 13 months.